Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dress code...shorts or ripped jeans? muslce tee or tank top?

As a current female senior at Terra Nova, I’ve dealt with our ridiculous dress code for many years. I’ve been sent home, forced to change, and have been given detentions for it too!  Ok so there’s an obvious need for the dress code at Terra Nova High School with our interesting student body, but some of them just make absolutely no sense! No ripped jeans, muscle tees, tall tees, slippers, pajamas, shirts related to drugs and alcohol to name a few. Ok no pajamas…get it like school is a place for learning not bed, whatever but no slippers? It’s a form a shoe right? UGGs for example, I wear them almost every day! They’re pretty much slippers just a different look…what the big deal at least were not barefoot!! I feel like guys get screwd over with dress code.  No muscle tees ,cool you’re showing your arms BIG DEAL! Why can’t guys wear muscle tees but girls can wear spaghetti strapped tank tops and halter tops that reveal their chest, arms, shoulders, and back? If a guy wants to show off his muscles (that they might not even have) let them! Especially on a hot day. Why must a guy suffer in sleeves with ugly sweat stains when girls can gallivant down the halls in tank tops? Makes no sense. Current student Drew Macy was wearing a muscle tee on a hot 85 degree day ( yes 85 degrees is hot for Pacifica) and was told to go home and change. Funny thing is, there was a clan of girls 5 feet  away wearing halter tops and tank tops that did not get one word said to them about their appearance…what’s up with that? But the one dress code that makes me furious, Ripped jeans, or as the school calls them “Pants that are purposely torn to expose skin” (  News flash! They’re still pants! So what if there’s a three in hole above the knee cap or on the knee?  Or a  on the thigh, It’s only like a dot of skin that is exposed! Why can a girl wear short shorts and skirts that expose their ENTIRE legs and not get in trouble, but if you have pants with a couple tears…detention and forced to change! As a former cheerleader for Terra Nova for three years, I would wear my uniform on games days. The uniform consisted of a sleeves top (kind of like a muscle tee!) and our skirts…my skirt just barely covered by butt cheeks! ! I had maybe two inches of fabric under my butt, and yes, I would walk down the halls at school and in public and represent Terra Nova in that uniform. I know it’s a uniform and that’s how it is but we did have matching pants that the school could of told us to wear but never did.  On non game days I was a normal students in normal clothes, I’d wear jeans with a hole on the knee and on the thigh, and right away there was always someone to send me to the office…yea I broke the dress code but really it’s a hole! I would have to go home miss school and change…If I didn’t have a car and live three minutes away do you know how much of a hassle it would have been to go home and change? Some students have to take the bus home and might even miss the whole day of school..because of holes…on jeans! When I talked to our attendance officer Mr. Morales he said the reason we have a dress code is to maintain a professional manner…and exactly how are short shorts and tank tops a professional manner? I think it’s about time for Terra Nova to revise their dress code because which one would you rather have walking around the school?.....

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